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About Us

Our Journey : Our journey started long 11 years back in 2008 with a middle class upbringing. Obviously, there was a charm and hope for the jewellery for each occasion but the costlier affair it was, to wear different gold jewellery on different occasions. That means, its all one or 2 items which needed to wear alternatively. The heavy weight jewellery was the demand of the time thinking gold as an investment for the rainy days. This became myth over the period as gold could never become a bad weather friend due to emotions attached and purity of the jewellery wore all those years.  A need of light weight gold jewellery was strongly felt so that every pocket can afford and wear changing for each occasion.  That is how Reshm was born!

Idea: Diamond is always been a stone for richer. A middle income person could dream but rarely afford the diamond jewellery. What could be the solution ? Gold is a soft metal and can be mold as per requirement. If other stones like imitation polki, swarosvaki could be used in place of diamond and other quality stone in semi precious quality could be part of the light weight gold (14k hallmark and above),  an affordable range of the products can be promised. Reshm has adventurously piped into this idea and implemented by registering the brand for the light weight jewellery since 2017.

Reshm's advantage : A long period research on the customer’s mind and behaviour enables Reshm to develop new designs on daily basis. Not only wearing on small occasion like a kitty party or bigger occasion like marriage, Reshm products are suitable for the gifting also. Cost advantage is a prime concern for Reshm as products are aimed at all segment of the society. Reshm has a dream of providing affordable jewellery in gold without loosing the shine of the gold i.e. maintaining the quality for the masses.   The current trend of destination marriages are also on top fashion where carrying of  heavy gold jewellery has big NO-No. Reshm is a solution to this challenge as one can wear the real gold jewellery without much fear of theft during the ceremonies......  

Reshm’s Set up: Reshm is a professionally managed Delhi-NCR based brand in gold jewellery. Having an extensive experience in the field of real gold jewellery solutions, Sunita Kabra is a driving force of successfully running the Reshm's state of affairs. A team of professionals are supportive catalyst.   

Women’s empowerment: Reshm is not behind in fulfilling its social responsibility with carrying business also. Reshm’s appoints women resllers who can trade the Reshm products from home. Any lady having a decent entrepruner skill and network can do the good business. Not very high investment is expected from the resellers operating from home.

Reshm’s Presence: There are outlets in various cities where one can buy the Reshm’ products. These are :

Noida – GIP mall

Varanasi – VRK Jewels

There are other places where Reshm’s outlets are going to come soon.